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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 3845 m
  • Time 58 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 10 m
  • Peak 89 m
  • Climb 74 m
  • Descent 141 m

Marmaritsa Trail is a route that you will find by descending the asphalt road to the Agios Charalampos Port. Starting from the dirt road and ending at the beach Marmaritsa. 1,5 km from the start you will reach the Sanctuary of Dionysos and the Ancient Theater of Maroneia. Following the path northeast you will be amazed by the natural landscape and the stunning views of the sea. The route passes through one of the ancient olive groves in Greece. Some of these olive trees are over 500 years old. This trail is family-friendly, a route full of history, tradition and natural aroma! You will return through the same trail, so don’t forget to visit the beach before you get back.

1. Start

Altitude: 77 m

Starting from the dirt road.You will find Maroneia Trails signs.

2. Marmaritsa Beach - Ancient marble quarry

Altitude: 10 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Maronia Sapes 694 00, Ελλάδα

The Marmaritsa beach is part of the rift of Maroneia – Makris – ancient marble quarry. Majestic deep blue sea, panoramic view of the Thracian Sea and islands Samothraki and Thassos are also visible from the beach.


Altitude: 61 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Maronia Sapes 694 00, Ελλάδα

You will reach the Ancient Theater of Maroneia 1.5 km away from the start of the trail. It was constructed in the Hellenistic period and remodeled in Roman times. Three rows of stone seats of the caveat, the central and the horseshoe-shaped conduit of the orchestra and the building of the Roman scene are preserved.


Altitude: 52 m
Address: Unnamed Road, Maronia Sapes 694 00, Ελλάδα

Sanctuary of Dionysos. Clay mask of Dionysos(4th century BC) found in the excavation of the foundations of a building which may well be a temple of Dionysos.

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