Our trail network offers an abundance of great places to explore.  From charming coastal spots to the magical mountain and forest of Ismaros or the peaceful countryside, there’s no shortage of places to unpack your picnic basket and enjoy the view. Adventures the whole family can enjoy, regardless of your age or athletic ability!


Never hike alone. If you happen to slip and hurt yourself, you need someone else there who can help you.

Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.

Be prepared for changes in weather. Weather may changes suddenly so carry extra layers.

Stay on marked trails to avoid damage to the ecosystem or get lost.

Always bring navigational – communication devices and first aid kit.Carry water, food, sunscreen, hat and a watch.

Treat all wildlife with caution.

Watch your footing!

Remember that steep slopes are very dangerous. Try to stay away from these if you can. You are likely to encounter hazards such as cliffs, crevasses, rock falls and unstable surfaces.